Agents Legacy Group, LLC  is a leading Medicare insurance agency with an online Medicare Plan enrollment platform for clients and agents in Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. Since 2007, ALG has helped thousands of seniors find Medicare insurance plans.

 Our Story

Corporate or captive insurance agents typically represent the interests of an exclusive carrier and push a single “brand” of insurance. The Agents Legacy Group offers our clients various options to best suit their individual insurance needs. This is because we represent a variety of trusted Medicare insurance carriers and plans. By providing our clients with multiple selections of choices, we help them select the Medicare plan and coverage that will best serve their specific needs.

Agents Legacy Group, LLC helps Medicare beneficiaries select a health plan that is accepted by their existing hospital and doctors, thus assuring continuity of care and preserving the trusted relationships many providers have built up over time with their patients. Agents will also make sure your current Prescription Drug coverage is right for your budget. Not captive, owned or managed by any one particular Medicare insurance company, Agents Legacy Group, LLC’s mission is to provide seniors the unbiased information they need while simplifying the whole enrollment process.

In addition to providing assistance throughout the plan application and enrollment process, agents can provide an annual review of an enrollee’s Medicare coverage during Medicare’s annual election period. This often includes assisting clients affected by Medicare plan network changes that frequently occur on an annual basis. Doing so assures that beneficiaries have the information they need to proactively select a plan that best meets their individual specific needs, preferences, and budget, while retaining continuity of care with their trusted health providers.

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